8 Simple & Effective Steps to Overcome Procrastination

Either you are a student or an employer, procrastination comes in between you and your tasks. If you are not achieving your goal within time, if you plan a task but still have not executed it, if you rescheduling your planned task then you are a procrastinator.

Overcome Procrastination
There are many factors cause procrastination like your mood, distraction in surroundings, anxiety, anger, fear of failure, fear of effort, unable to make decision etc. Procrastination is a natural phenomenon. Even highly motivated professionals face it but they overcome it. You can also overcome it by following these simple and practical steps.

1- Make a list of incomplete tasks

Take out paper and pen. Write down your incomplete tasks which are most important and need to be done as soon as possible. Prioritize the list. Write the most important task on top of the list and less important at last. Making list will make a clear picture of your incomplete tasks and you will better visualize them.

2- Why you procrastinate

Think about factors which make you to delay important tasks. If it’s your mood, anger, stress, outing temptation, distractions, or laziness, which is a hurdle between you and your work. Identifying these factors will better give you understanding about why you procrastinate. These are the obstacles in your path and you need to eliminate these factors. You have to overcome these factors. Make sure these factors do not come again in your way.

3- Imagine results

Imagine how your small immediate actions can bring great achievements. Think of results that are based on actions taken right now. Imagine that relaxed feeling after completing all tasks but you have to keep in mind that achieving that feeling takes effort.

4- Choose one thing 

Choose one task which is on top of the list. Do not choose more than one task. Multitasking will distract you and you will not be able to focus on one thing. If your task is large or appeared overwhelming then break it into parts. Breaking it into small parts will make it appeared less overwhelmed and help you how and where to start. Set timer for each part and do not start other tasks until the completion of first task.

5- Give just 5 minutes

You will be feeling demotivated or lazy when it comes to start a task. Give only five minutes to get started. Getting started is hardest part of any task. Convince yourself to give only five minutes. Working on that task for five minutes will give you energy and flow. That energy and flow will get you going through the task. After five minutes you will not feel to leave that task without accomplishing.

6- Set Deadline

Set a clear deadline of a task you choose to do. First analyze how much time your task should take to complete then set deadline accordingly. Deadline must be clear. Lack of clarity will cause procrastination and you will be distracted. Keep that deadline in your mind while doing task. This will help you to be on track.

7- Find your right environment

Think what type of environment suits you. Ask yourself in which type of environment you are motivated, energetic and more focused. There must be no distractions in your surroundings that bring procrastination. Avoid those people who take your all energy and leave you demotivated. Avoid those colleagues who embroil you into their problems. Surround yourself with things that give you energy and motivation. Finding right environment will make you productive.

8- Build Habit

Daily practice these steps to make a habit. Develop discipline in your daily life. You will notice how much impact these small habits creates in your life. Building habit will actually keep you overcoming your obstacles.

Procrastination can bring serious problems to you. Incomplete tasks can bring
depression. Not achieving task within time can give you huge loss. Procrastination
can make a bad image of you in the eyes of others. So take above simple steps,
read personal development books and build productive habits.

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